Monthly Archives: July 2008

Start Of Something New

Here, I begin, my official food blog. I’m still playing with the format and design. Trying to make a montage for my front image. I’ve been talking about this for months, part of me still doesn’t know where to start. I have high expectations for this blog- something people will want to read. My culinary adventures range from my weekly Tuesday Trailer date with Skillet to finer dining experiences at Crush and Matts in the Market. Both represent one thing- good food. Food that melts in your mouth, toe curling and most of all brings us together with the fruits of the earth- a religious experience. For me, there are two parts to a culinary experience, the merits of the food- were the scallops cream on the inside with a crisp crust and the dining experience including the company, presentation and the dining space. All of these encompass your food experience. Sometimes good, sometimes lacking the necessary essentials.  Over the past few months, I’ve collected an assortment of dining adventures- I hope to write about those and current ones. Feedback is always welcome as this is something I wish to really develop, turn into something.