Skillet Street Food

Skillet Airstream Trailor

Skillet Airstream Trailer

Curry Cured Duck Confit

Curry Cured Duck Confit

Every Tuesday my dull Sodo neighborhood is transformed, we are lucky enough to be a stop for Skillet Street Food.  Skillet, defined by their website as a “mobile joint,” otherwise known in the food community as  the traveling airstream trailer has received accolades locally and nationally. I personally have been lunching at the trailer for about 6 months now, sometimes on a weekly basis. Every Sunday I wait in anticipation for my menu to be e-mailed to me. Their mission, to bring “gourmet” food to the street, without the white table clothes and overhead of a restaurant. The Burger, their most notable item with ingenious bacon jam, a standard for most, is the only regular menu item apart from Poutine. All other items are reflective of what’s in season using mostly local ingredients. Last week they rocked my world with curry duck confit, moist flavorful with a delicious coconut curry rice salad topped with cilantro and peanuts. I’ve actually never had duck confit, however I decided to go for it upon recommendation from one of the owners who happened to be taking orders (who btw wins total props for remembering my name!). Along with some rich chocolate pudding topped with fresh blackberries and shortbread crumbles, my lunch was complete. For less than $15, I had a meal that would of easily cost me about $30 at a place like Palace Kitchen, generous sized portions but most of all their food is packed with flavor, each ingredient stands out with brilliant execution. However, this week I have to say I was not as impressed with the nachos. Granted the flavor of the homemade salsa & trailer-made chips were good, lots of beans and pulled pork, they were mushed and soupy. Plus the paper liner at the bottom didn’t really help with the overall mess. The special cheese sauce was almost non-existent, I couldn’t taste it, again became part of the soup. Props to them for using a variety of beans- black, pinto and kidney. Grilled onions on top were a nice touch. However I think nachos are better served hot on a plate. I wasn’t sure about them when I ordered them, but decided to give them a chance. Next week I’ll try whatever concoction or creation they come up with, I’m sure it will be delicious. This is not my last shout out to Skillet, they will for sure make a regular appearance on my food blog, but because I heart them so much and have been meaning to make my official launch they have the honor of being my first entry.


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