I know I’ve been absent from blogging recently. I promise to fix that. I have several posts to publish including a crepe trailer in Austin (pictures too!), Hudson on the Bend (another Austin restaurant) and a few Seattle ones as well- Crow, Ocho and possibly a few others. So stay tuned, I promise to be back and blog often. Unfortunately I was lucky enough to get the cold/flu everyone in this city had the past month and changes at work have distracted me. Several new places on my list to try including a much anticipated meal at the Corson Building in December. Dinner club has been on hiatus for the summer, that shall be back too.


One response to “Hiatus

  1. Looking forward to your Austin reviews. As always, it was a pleasure to have you in our home. As I know your fondness for Bloody Mary’s, I must share that I had the BEST BM (okay, won’t use that abreviation again…) while at a cooking class at Chef Blanks home (Hudson on the Bend) last Sunday. It was a Smoked Heirloom Tomato Bloody Mary. I’ll provide you the details of the concoction, if you wish. Speaking of Hudson’s, their “hot and crunchy” Airstream should be on the street in Spring 2009.

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