Foodista Launches

I think I just fell in love with a new food site, Foodista. Another recipe site launched in Seattle, however this isn’t any site, it’s an encyclopedia of all things food related- yes, I am certain it’s a good thing. A collaborative¬† effort- it’s like wikipedia but for recipes, ingredients and so much more. Food is meant to be shared, so a site that encompasses technology and brings people together through food, I am certain it could revolutionize how we interact with our recipes. I’m excited to start using the site, rather than turning to my standard I personally am trying to cook more, as a single person I am often challenged to find economical recipes especially cooking for one. Monday night a friend and I made a cabbage soup featured in the NYTimes, we doubled the recipe so both of us would have plenty of leftovers, well after three soup meals in a row I was ready for a break. I am curious to see if the site will be a bit more advantageous for the cooking for one crowd compared to most other sites which are standard serves 4-6. Regardless, the lovely pictures, easy to use format already have engaged me. Oh and I’m also smitten with Bitten.


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