Honore & Veraci

After a lazy morning in bed  and no concrete plans for the day, I made the decision to venture out to a few places I’ve been meaning to try but somehow haven’t made the time or missed when they were open. My first stop of the day, Honore Bakery on 70th. I’ll admit, I’m excited for Delancy Pizza to open, I’ve been following news about this place for awhile, but this little block still has quite a bit to offer. Must try A Caprice Kitchen for breakfast or lunch as well. Today my mission was a salted caramel macaroon at Honore. Living on 24th in Ballard I’m insanely close to the delicious Cafe Besalu for their divine ginger biscuits and flaky pastries and work is all too close to Macrina. My work hours don’t always allow for stops at independent places since I’m well on the road before they’ve opened for business and sometimes the lines are just too long on weekend mornings thus it’s a challenge to have fresh baked goods. Luckily Honore was quiet, no long lines like Besalu and smelled incredible. I had to use every bit of willpower not to order lots of things reminding myself that there will be other weekends to try their treats. Using my self restraint I happily ordered just one salted caramel macaroon of which I honestly could have eaten about 10 they were that delicious. Other pastries and scones also looked mouth watering. Next sunny Saturday I’m putting on my walking shoes and heading over there to not feel as guilty.Plus the coffee was perfect, not a bitter latte. I liked the vibe, the overall feeling of the place.

Next on my list after a brief stop at Trader Joes was Rancho Bravo Tacos & Trophy for the “Hi-Hat” they twittered about this morning- chocolate cupcake with Swiss meringue dipped in semi-sweet Callebaut chocolate (snacking on that now as I blog). Sadly my lack of cash prevented me from trying the best tacos in town, next time I will be better prepared. Driving back on Market debating where to get lunch, it dawned on me, Verci, with a quick turn I was in their parking lot. Perfect! I ordered one of the weekly specials- spinach, ricotta, garlic and red onion. Upon my arrival at home I opened my little packet of goodness. Thin crust just the way I like it, just a bit salty and crisp. This is truly the best pizza in Seattle, hands down. I normally don’t want pizza, Veraci is the exception. Unlike the flavorless crust of Snoose Junction (sorry, I want to like you but I don’t), Veraci has the recipe down. Local ingredients, check. Good texture, very integral to a slice of pizza. Unfortunately (and probably a good thing) they don’t deliver. For $5.50 my lunch was a great deal and for those nights that I don’t feel like cooking, I’m going to start stopping there more often for a slice to go, toss a salad at home and crack a bottle of wine, sounds like perfection to me.

Thanks Ballard for reminding me that you still have some unique places, but they are off the beaten path; not always right in front of you.


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