Scrumptious Seattle: A New Direction?

I started this blog a year ago. So much has evolved, changed since the inception of Voracious Girl. I look back to my first post; my life, a different time, a different place. My first post inspired by a meal at Crush with new friends, who I now call my close friends, the ones I email with exciting news or go to for advice, they are my ladies.

I apologize too often for not writing enough, but honestly, it is because I am out living life, loving adventures, often around food and the amazing place I live. I started out this blog thinking I would do restaurant reviews, but I found them to be cumbersome, not inspiring. Don’t get me wrong, I love eating out, I eat out all the time. My Twitter, voraciousgirl engages in conversation about favorite dishes, new places/openings. I’m finding that to be the appropriate place to blog about eating out.My two favorite posts this past year, Food Inc & making cherry pie. Both came from the heart. The words flowed, easily sharing my passions. I enjoyed sharing the pie making process, it was less about the reader and more about my personal experience. Thus, making the blog more about the reader.

I am refocusing my slant, it’s about my personal food journey, whether it is a new recipe or a dinning experience that inspires me.¬† Part of my story is the process of learning how to cook for one. My life revolves around food, but if you saw my kitchen you’d find cobwebs, well not literally, but almost, spoiled milk in the fridge, practically barren. Instead I eat out mostly or *cough* prepared foods. My goal is to learn to cook for one. I shy away from cooking at home for two reasons: 1) I hate eating alone, I’d much rather share food over conversation 2)Eating the same thing for several meals is not always preferable, rather I am challenged to eat the entire recipe without the remaining portions going to waste.

Voracious Girl comes from my hunger for life, constantly reading and learning about new foods, restaurants and my quest to evolve as a home cook. I need to fuel my soul. Thanks for being here for the first year, starting the journey with me and I look forward to all of our upcoming adventures.


3 responses to “Scrumptious Seattle: A New Direction?

  1. Love it! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  2. I’m on the same path as you. It’s and exciting one: the idea of learning more about food, learning the way of a kitchen and cooking, and meeting new friends. Ahhh, it’s a good life. I can’t wait to cook with you and share our lessons learned. Cheers!

  3. Happy blog birthday and thanks for sharing your journey

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