What We Eat When We Eat Alone

I happened to stumble upon this today on my Google Reader (thanks Mary for sharing!) via Serious Eats. http://www.seriouseats.com/2009/08/cook-the-book-what-we-eat-when-we-eat-alone.html

Deborah Madison is famous for Greens Restaurant in San Francisco, one of the first restaurants to have a farm to table menu inspired by Chez Panisse (if you ever have the opportunity, go, well worth the experience) in Berkley. Now she’s taken on what was supposed to be a humorous commentary on eating, but in actuality from the reviews provides a much needed anthropological study regarding our eating habits. In one of many recent Twitter conversations, responses to Nancy Lesson’s post featuring items in her pantry, particularly the  non-Organic/local/sustainable food, people confessed their love for all things processed. Tweets professing love for: fake cheese, Otter Pops and other various items containing hydrogenated oils  and high fructose corn syrup. Foods we eat alone when no one is looking. “Foodies” eating dinners of chips, gummy candy,  and microwave burritos from Costco. Yeah, we admit it, we all have certain items we eat when we are alone. My comfort food, Taco Bell Nachos BelGrande. A good friend of mine eats tortillas with butter and cinnamon while standing in the kitchen. In the “Good Fight” on Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw admitted her SSB, “secret single behaviors,” we all have them, things we do alone when no one is looking.

So what are our SSB when we eat alone? For me, some meals are a mish mosh of what looks appealing at the market, possibly wheat thins with some sort of dip and gummy candy, an assortment of prepared salads from the salad bar or leftovers. Meals usually are very simple, broiled fish or chicken severed with a vegetable or salad of some sort. My challenge is to find recipes proportioned realistically for one, not four, one. Secondly, buying said ingredients in a single serving so that I can keep within budget for groceries and that no food goes to waste while keeping up with my rather busy lifestyle. I adore cooking and baking, there is nothing better than sharing a wonderful home cooked meal with friends, but for nightly meals I am bored.

Last night I had some Spanish cheese & crackers, tomatoes with olive oil & salt, blueberries and white wine. Today for lunch was leftover over chicken from the JFC: Joule Fried Chicken on a day old baguette from Macrina Bakery with tomato and spinach (left over from the previous week, luckily still fresh). I’m still learning to cook for one or rather eating alone. I won’t reveal all of my SSB, over the years, I’ve acquired many.

I’m looking forward to reading Madison’s book, hopefully to gleam some ideas for my own rather dull cooking regime and to also jump start a new blog, soon to be announced.


2 responses to “What We Eat When We Eat Alone

  1. Bulk! I often forget about this gem of a section in the grocery store, but it really does help when buying herbs and spices and flours I may not usually cook with. I can buy just enough for a recipe and not feel like I’m wasting. This also helps with items that otherwise would be cost prohibitive.

  2. Yes, actually I buy most of my spices in bulk, they are often the freshest ones available too.

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