Ode to Bacon

As I have alluded to before, Twitter is like crack, really. It’s addicting. The best part though, meeting people who share their joys in life. The lovely Shauna & Danny express their love for all things pork on pork,knife & spoon. My good friend Lorna Yee of The Cookbook Chronicles has no shame in her adoration of the pig. Thus said, hearing daily about pork products Kairu and I were inspired to plan our own tribute to the deliciousness known as bacon. Bacon is abundant now days, you can buy chocolate bacon from Vosges in Chicago or even bacon scented air fresheners. Our list of bacon recipes slowly evolved and grew so much we decided a party was in order.

Skagit Ranch Bacon

Skagit River Ranch Bacon

And the bacon we chose,was the most delicious bacon to ever cross my lips. The people at Skagit River Ranch know their pork. I urge you to spend just a bit extra for the most exquisite flavored bacon to melt in your mouth. I could seriously write an ode to the bacon. Just how good? Kairu called me the morning of the potluck to tell me to buy two more pounds, she had eaten the first package the night before, piece by piece, the bacon quickly diminished.

Bacon Chanterrelle Soup

Bacon Chanterelle Soup

The first course- a bacon Chanterelle mushroom soup topped with caramelized onions cooked in bacon. We adapted the original recipe since our friend Becky aka Chef Reinvented is highly allergic to onions and garlic. This soup is absolutely divine, cooked with Mangalitsa stock and cream.

Corn & Bacon Salad

Corn & Bacon Salad

Matthew Amster-Burton cooked a beautiful roasted corn salad with poblano peppers and you guessed it, bacon. Unfortunately I had to share, otherwise I may have engulfed the entire container. Our friend Jenise prepared the healthy portion of the evening, a salad, with baconaise dressing.

The most important course, dessert. A bacon maple bar from Frost, bacon chocolate rice krispie treats and a divine bacon cupcake prepared by Becky. Kairu and I adapted the original recipe by utilizing cocoa krispies on the bottom and the regular variety on top. The recipe still needs some tweaking. I found the chocolate to overpower the bacon flavor.

Bacon Rice Krispie Treats

Bacon Rice Krispie Treats

Bacon Maple Bar

Bacon Maple Bar

Becky asked that we not photograph the cupcakes since they didn’t meet her aesthetic standards. I can tell you this, they were delicious. She really is an incredible cook. Bacon shined in the cupcake topped with a cream cheese frosting and of course a small piece of crispy bacon. By the end of the evening I was quite certain a heart attack was impending. I vowed to only eat vegetables and tofu for the next few days. I lied. The next day, I made mac and cheese for a dear friend’s birthday, topped with but of course bacon.


3 responses to “Ode to Bacon

  1. Ironically, we never got around to making the two recipes that started us thinking about bacon night – baked beans and bacon chocolate chip cookies! Clearly, we need another bacon night.

    So, when are we doing this again?

  2. That corn & bacon salad looks YUMMY! 🙂

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