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Approaching Delancey on a cold winter night you’ll see steamy windows and candles sparkling on tables where people are engaged in conversation, sipping classes of wine. Delancey is the definition of a neighborhood restaurant. Brandon Petit warmly greets his regulars by name while tossing pizza dough by the oven. Delancey reminds me much of co-owner Molly Wizenberg’s blog Orangette: simplicity with an artistic flair.

The menu changes with the seasons, from a Billy’s tomato salad during the summer months to a beautiful beet, grapefruit and house-made ricotta salata salad in the midst of winter. The flavors pop, sometimes in unexpected combinations. My favorite, a staple on the menu, is the creamy, rich burrata served with Murray River pink salt, olive oil and perfectly toasted crostini.

Brandon modeled his pizza after some of the best in the nation and it shows. Delancey produces some of the finest pizza in Seattle, from my favorite house-made pork sausage to the spicy Padron peppers in the summertime. With its lightly charred crust and the perfect proportion of a delicate sauce, the pizzas are easily shared among friends. I especially love Delancey’s crust; it’s salty, chewy and crisp. Don’t eat all of your pizza though, because you’ll want to save room for dessert.

From Molly’s signature grey salt chocolate chip cookie and a tall cold glass of Fresh Breeze milk to seasonal desserts, you will never be disappointed. Last night I enjoyed a delightfully creamy lemon dessert served in an old fashion Ball jar with two shortbread cookies I tucked in a napkin to save for later.

One of the lovely things about Delancey is how affordable the food is for the quality. To me, this is what embodies a neighborhood place. I’m in love with their Washington River Aerie Sangiovese, a steal for $27 a bottle. Have a glass of wine while you wait or try the amazing house ginger brew. Some people complain about the wait, but it’s all in your approach. Go across the street to Tarasco and have a drink. Or peruse the unique and fancy umbrellas at the oh so charming Bella Umbrella. Just like at home, good food takes time. I prefer the small intimate setting, shelves lined with cookbooks, a menagerie of glasses and most of all the delicious food produced from love. And if you have the chance, attend one of their family style dinners. It’s the ideal place to enjoy the company of new and old friends. Delancey is located at 1415 NW 70th Street, Seattle WA. Follow them on Twitter: @delanceyseattle.