Reality Check

A few months ago, I made Laurie Colwin’s Nantucket Cranberry Pie, as I chopped my cranberries several thoughts came to mind. My cranberries purchased from the farmers market, a few weeks before, were not “perfect.” Unlike mass produced ones, these were not perfectly round, brightly colored berries. Rather different sizes, shapes and colors. Inherently different, one no better than the other. Food fuels my soul. I find passion in cooking, eating and sharing food with others. I adore learning about new foods, trying a new recipe and exploring new flavor combinations. Yet, another part of me despises food. Food is the enemy. My weight and body issues continue to be a struggle. I remember being 10, recording my weight in my mom’s gradebook.  My battle is not one I face alone, I realize many of you fight the same battle. Those cranberries I patiently chopped reminded me not to focus on the defects rather celebrate the differences. So what if one is slightly less red than the others? In the end will I notice the differences in the pie? No, the pie well actually it’s more like a cake turned out delicious, a nicely dense dessert filled with fruit, nuts and the slightest hint of almond.

Of course should I eat everything in sight? No. I know my waist line is growing. My clothes remind me of that often. I’m not your typical dieting person though, I am aware of the foods that are healthy and I thoroughly enjoy a juicy summer peach, roasted eggplant or fresh mixed greens. Several years ago I lost a significant amount of weight. This year my weight began to slowly crept up again. I find myself using more butter, heavy cream and all of the ingredients that make food taste good. But there has to be balance. Finding that balance is tough. I jokingly call it the Twitter Twenty or Thirty. How do we enjoy the delicious foods we love without compromising dedication to our health? Balance. I believe this is crucial. Sometimes we need a bit of a reality check. Portion control. Making choices. Educating ourselves about the food we eat. And sometimes as hard as it is, saying no.

Food is not entirely personal. It’s about community. So we have to be honest with the community we share it with. So here is my honesty. I adore food. I promise that will never change. What is changing is my approach.  How do you approach food and maintain balance in your eating?


2 responses to “Reality Check

  1. I totally agree with you on this 100%! I had been doing so well with losing weight, but I had pretty much sacrificed the foods I love…so now I’m going at it like you said – with a balanced mindset! Like, last night I made Indian Butter Chicken – so of course, butter, cream, all the goods! But, I ate it with brown rice, and some steamed broccoli. We’ll have to share with each other successful “healthy” recipe choices that we find! *Hugs*

  2. Thanks for putting my lifelong struggle into a concise little blog post. Exactly, exactly. I love food and eating any and all of it but I also like to fit in my britches. Balance seems to be the answer but, oh, man, sometimes that is hard to do.

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