The Next Chapter: Resolutions

It’s that time of year, reflection is in the air.   Like many others, I am prone to think about the year I’m leaving behind and what I aspired to complete in the twelve months. I like these prompts from Reverb.

Often I feel that I fall short. Instead, I’m focusing on the accomplishments and how I’ve changed and grown as a person. Some areas, I exceeded my expectations. Really, I’m thankful and count my blessings.  In retrospect, this year wasn’t my best. My aspirations were challenged by several roadblocks. Regardless, I  still look back at 2010 and say the essentials were present.  Good friends: some friendships grew stronger, others were challenged and some perhaps a bit neglected.  Love, I can say without a doubt it’s in my life, perhaps not the form I often would like, a romantic partnership, but it’s there and strong. I explored the world a bit- a few trips, including a great road trip with my best friend to help him embark on a new journey to DC. I saw several new states, it was great fun! Paris, well that’s one that I wanted and didn’t happen. That’s alright, there’s always 2011. The past few months brought some hard times, a wide awakening and more stress and growing  up that I wanted. I endured and know more challenges are ahead in 2011. I believe I can and will tackle them.

Thinking forward, I’m taking action in December to help set me up for success in 2011. A friend gifted me with a Tarot/Horoscope guide for 2011.  The words inspired me. Alluding to a quiet year lacking the success I desired in 2010. 2011 though is destined to be a great year, filled with change. Hopeful, I’m preparing and setting the table to make these things happen.

I’d like to dedicate 2011 to being the person I desire to be, living a balanced and rich life. Health is certainly a component to improve upon. I joined a new gym in December. One that is closer to my home and has a pool! I started swimming. January 2, I will begin a 30 challenge. What does this mean? I swim every day in January.  Rachel is doing 30 days of Bikram Yoga.  A support system, we’ll accomplish both together and set the trend for the year. I’m excited.  Others on Twitter are discussing similar challenges, for some it’s going dry or walking for 30 days. It’s amazing how 140 characters or less can be such a cohesive support system.

In conjunction, today I found out about the Food Lover’s Cleanse. Developed by local food writer Sara Dickerman. Several local bloggers are committing to the 14 day challenge, I don’t want to use the word diet. No counting calories, rather meals filled with healthy ingredients. The recipes look delicious and relatively easy to prepare. Am I going to cancel eating out and social plans during the two week period? No, but most days I’ll use this as a guide for my eating and cooking. It’s a great way to jump start the year. I’m contemplating blogging about the cleanse. Oh and taking pictures. I know I lack those on this blog. Forgetting to break out my camera. I promise more picture taking.

I’m preparing a calm and peaceful living space to increase peace in my world. My life feels cluttered and my living space is a large component of my world at large. I struggle balancing the balls of life. Literally and figuratively. I struggle to balance my worlds, personally and professionally, wanting to be the best at both. Sometimes I fail, dropping a ball or two. The one I drop the most is my home. It’s easy to say, I’ll clean that tomorrow and tomorrow brings another reason to procrastinate. I’ve accumulated a bit too much junk. I’m weeding through the extras clearing the space and bringing a sense of calm. This week I’ve tackled my living room area. Next up is my bedroom, creating an intimate space filled with the calmness I desire. I believe this is especially important because it’s where I begin and end my day.I want to create a more healthy and productive living space. Starting the year off fresh. It feels good.

Oh and another thing, it may seem silly, but this year I turn 29, meaning that soon the big 30 looms. I’m excited for my thirties, I hear from so many that it’s a great decade. In my head it means adulthood, embracing myself and my world. I want to be the best person I can be- this means to be healthy, happy, productive and balanced. Perhaps the time crunch is on and I feel that final push. Have I mentioned I am a stellar procrastinator. Well, there is no more tomorrow. It’s NOW.

What are your goals? Are there ways you’d like to start fresh in 2011? What do you do to prepare for a new year?

Oh and thanks for sharing the journey in 2010. Happy New Year.  Cheers to the many celebrations to follow.


2 responses to “The Next Chapter: Resolutions

  1. Our goals for 2011 are so similar, though of course I have yet to actually put mine into words! I’ll also turn 29 and am really conflicted about it – on the one hand, I’ve watched so many people demonstrate just how great 30s can be, but my fearful self sometimes manages to prevail. Let’s embrace it together, shall we? I’m so thankful for friends like you who inspire me to be my better self! Happy New Year, Lorraine!

    • Thanks Katie. Good luck putting your goals into words. This year I’m less about the resolutions rather perhaps guides for living. Support of friends is so crucial. Funny how all of us have similar sentiments regarding turning 30. Look forward to celebrating more in 2011 with you! Funny how in a year we’ve reconnected from our days at UPS, love how life works that way.

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