About Voracious Girl

Voracious Girl

My childhood revolved around food, my mother had stacks of Gourmet Magazine from various decades serving as the bible in our house. I learned at a young age the importance of connection with the food we eat, some of my earliest memories are picking berries and vegetables from the local organic u-pick farm. Fast forward years later, I’m still evolving and growing in the way I view food and how it connects people to their community and world around them. Since I’ve started blogging as Voracious Girl, my world of food has changed so much. I’m connected in ways I could not have imagined to others in the food community of Seattle. I’m trying new restaurants around the city with friends, frantically scouring local blogs and Twitter to learn about new openings, recipes and knowledge about my passion. Today, I’m cooking more, discovering new recipes, baking and sharing my home with friends and family through the world of food. Sometimes it’s an adventure. Usually toasting with a good class of wine. Most of all it’s about having fun and learning. Cheers!

You can contact me via email: voraciousgirl@gmail.com

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2 responses to “About Voracious Girl

  1. Hey there ! Just noticed that you’d linked to my site, so I thought I’d say hello. Tell me more about yourself!

  2. I’m inspired by food too, but became comfortable with it later in life. It’s great that your mom exposed you to the delights of food, as I’m hoping to do for my three kids!

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