Monthly Archives: October 2008


I know I’ve been absent from blogging recently. I promise to fix that. I have several posts to publish including a crepe trailer in Austin (pictures too!), Hudson on the Bend (another Austin restaurant) and a few Seattle ones as well- Crow, Ocho and possibly a few others. So stay tuned, I promise to be back and blog often. Unfortunately I was lucky enough to get the cold/flu everyone in this city had the past month and changes at work have distracted me. Several new places on my list to try including a much anticipated meal at the Corson Building in December. Dinner club has been on hiatus for the summer, that shall be back too.

Anita’s Crepes

Last night I had the opportunity to try Anita’s charming new restaurant in Ballard. I’ve had her delicious crepes before at the Ballard farmers market, but was excited to see what her new space on Leary would bring. Upon entry, I was smitten with the lovely restaurant- classic features with a very homey feeling. I had pretty high expectations; so far so good. Her signature crepes were featured as well as some nightly specials, which sounded divine, of course representing her commitment to local ingredients. Persuaded by the waiter, my dining companion and I split the sugar pie pumpkin soup. The soup was incredible, rich with pumpkin flavor, creamy yet not overly rich. A dollop of cheese (Gruyere?) melted in the middle adding an interesting element to the already delicious creation. Garnished with chives, which added another level to the flavor made the soup one of my favorites in the fall soup category this year. I have an affinity for the fall soups, especially the pumpkin and butternut squash variety. Typically apples or spices are added for “sweeten” the soup, however I enjoyed the fact that she let the pumpkin shine rather than overpower the soup with other flavors.

Of course the main attraction was the crepe. I ventured out to try the duck crepe with roasted duck, organic spinach and a ginger balsamic sauce. Something about crepes to me means cheese so I asked if I could add cheese, the chef recommended adding some of the buffalo mozzarella which was absolutely delicious. The duck was flavorful, moist, and tender. Oh and plentiful. The sauce was a light accent not overpowering. The crepe was made from buckwheat, a welcomed surprise. My companion enjoyed a classic mozzarella, spinach and feta crepe also served using the buckwheat crepe. The actual crepes were light and fluffy, flavorful- rich in color (I’m guessing from the buckwheat), honestly the perfect crepe. I partially do wish that the cheese was actually melted however I think we would have to sacrifice the merits of the crepe in order to achieve the gooey melted cheese.

We were unfortunately too full for dessert, however I plan future visits to Anita’s so that shall not be a problem. I like the space and the food, I could find myself here often. My budget may disagree, however the prices are still very affordable. Dinners are more expensive, however judging from sensational aroma’s from the kitchen, I doubt I’ll be disappointed. Plus I gather her talents and experience from her time at the French Laundry will shine in the entrees. Regardless I was thoroughly satisfied with my experience, only wishing I had eaten less that day and could have enjoyed dessert. Again still wishing my camera was not broken that I could of captured my dining experience.